Alpha Chargon System

Straddling the Corporate Sector and the Masskai Empire, the Alpha Chargon system is home to the Varpad Corporation and is the site of constant battles between the Masskai and Terran humans of the Varpad Corp.

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System Basics
Location: Corporate Sector and Masskai Empire
Distance from Earth: 1730ly
Stars: 1; Chargon A
Planets: 7; Alpha Chargon Major, Alpha Chargon Minor, Alpha Chargon 1, Farences Major, Farences Minor, Pelludinar, Varpad
Natural Satellites and Minor Planets/Asteroids: 731,416

Structure and Composition
In terms of its location, Alpha Chargon is claimed by the Corporate Sector (because Varpad is based here) and by the Masskai Empire. Technically, Alpha Chargon belongs to both sectors.

The Alpha Chargon system is based on its star, Chargon A, which is an F0 Main Sequence “subgiant” star. Scientists consider Chargon A to be an unstable star, meaning that it could go nova at any moment. Inhabitants of Alpha Chargon work to contain the power of Chargon A and reduce the chance that the star will explode. The star system is composed of three regions: the Chargon Belt, the Farences Archipelago, and Varpad Space.

The Chargon Belt, located between Chargon A and the Farences Archipelago, is an unstable region. Three planets are found in this area: Alpha Chargon Major, Alpha Chargon Minor, and Alpha Chargon 1. Of these, Alpha Chargon Major and Minor are fully inhabited worlds, while Alpha Chargon 1 has a planetary colony. All of these planets are subjected to periodic solar flares from Chargon A. Thus, all settlements on these planets must be shielded. At the farthest edge of the Chargon Belt is a large disc of asteroids and space debris.

The Farences Archipelago, located between the Chargon Belt and Varpad Space, is a vast space filled mostly with asteroids. Farences Major and Farences Minor are large enough bodies to be considered planets. Large industrial colonies are found here.

Varpad Space is a region dominated by the presence of the interstellar Varpad Corporation. The planets here, Pelludinar, Pelludinar Minor, and Varpad, are largely industrial production facilities.

Both the Masskai and the Terran humans who operate the Varpad Corporation claim dominion over the system. The Masskai built settlements in the Chargon Belt and also mine the asteroids and other resource-rich bodies in that region. Both the Masskai and the Varpad Corporation have settlements in the Farences Archipelago; Varpad controls the colonies at Farences Major and Farences Minor. The planets of Varpad Space belong to the corporation bearing its name.

The Masskai and the Varpad Corporation do not openly war over the holdings in Alpha Chargon, but they aggressively compete over regions that both sides claim.

The Alpha Chargon system is comprised of about 60% Terran humans and their allied species (like Grays and Por Chantarii) and about 40% Masskai. Obviously, the Masskai population is mostly in the Chargon Belt, while the Terran human population is mostly in Varpad Space. Both groups have about equal representation in the Farences Archipelago. For the most part, both groups avoid each other.

Game Mechanics
OtherNav Modifier: +1
Resources Modifier: +1
Communications Modifier: +1

Alpha Chargon System

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