Masskaon System

Masskaon is the birthplace of the Masskai species and seat of the Masskai Empire. While not a large star system by any measure, Masskaon is a very influential system because of the expansion of the Masskai Empire into neighboring star systems.

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System Basics
Location: Masskai Empire
Distance from Earth: 1980ly
Stars: 1; Vor
Planets: 4; Dal, Krad, Masska, Ezur
Natural Satellites and Minor Planets/Asteroids: 3,981

Structure and Composition
The Masskaon system features one star, Vor, which is a M1 Main Sequence “red dwarf” star. Surrounding Vor is a disc of debris and small satellites. The system itself is not especially large, featuring only four planets and few satellites and asteroids. Masskaon is known as the birthplace of the Masskai species. The system is divided into two regions: the Dominion and Imperial Space.

The Dominion is comprised of two planets, Dal and Krad. Each of these planets is fully inhabited by Masskai. There is also a lunar colony at Varal, which orbits the planet Krad.

Imperial Space is comprised of the planet Masska, birthplace of the Masskai species, and the gas giant Ezur, which is not colonized. There is a lunar colony at Gran, Masska’s moon. Between Masska and Ezur is a large asteroid field.

Masska, the seat of Imperial power, is a heavily urbanized world. Aside from a few select, “sacred” places, the vast majority of the planet is one, contiguous city. Of note on Masska are the many gladiatorial arenas, slave pits, and markets where slaves and illicit goods are sold. It should be noted that Star Patrol has no jurisdiction on Masska itself and is shunned throughout the Masskaon system.

The planets of Dal and Krad are less urbanized, featuring large swaths of unsettled land. On Dal are fiercely violent volcanos covering an entire continent. Krad is a desert world, with few urban centers.

The Masskai are the dominant species throughout the star system. Though smatterings of humans and other species are occasionally found in Masskaon, these non-Masskai are in the severe minority.

Game Mechanics
OtherNav Modifier: -1
Resources Modifier: -1
Communications Modifier: -2

Masskaon System

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