Sol System

Sol is the home system to Terran humans. It is also the birthplace of the Insight Corporation, as well as the Terran Alliance. Star Patrol was also founded in the Sol system.

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System Basics
Location: Sol is located in the Sol Sector.
Distance from Earth: N/A
Stars: 1; Sol
Planets: 8; Earth, Jupiter, Mars, Mercury, Neptune, Saturn, Uranus, Venus
Natural Satellites and Minor Planets/Asteroids: 703,131

Structure and Composition
The Sol system is based on a single star, Sol, which is a G2 Main Sequence “yellow dwarf” star. The system is divided into four areas: the Inner System, the Outer System, the Trans-Neptunian Region, and the Farthest Reaches.

The Inner System is comprised of four rocky planets: Mercury, Venus, Earth, and Mars (in order of distance from Sol), as well as the Asteroid Belt. Two of these planets have moons, but none have rings. Earth is an inhabited planet, designated Earth-class G1. There are planetary colonies on the others. Some of the moons also have lunar colonies. The Asteroid Belt has many mining colonies.

The Outer System is comprised of four gas giants: Jupiter, Saturn, Neptune, and Uranus (in order of distance from Sol). These are massive gas planets, each of which have moons and rings. Each of the gas giants has an orbital colony and some of the moons have lunar colonies.

The Trans-Neptunian Region is comprised of the Kuiper Belt and the Scattered Disc. None of these have major planets. There are asteroid mining colonies here.

The Farthest Reaches area is comprised of the Oort Cloud and many distant objects known as Detached Objects. The old wormhole system of interstellar travel has a ring station in this area.

The only inhabited planet, Earth, is home to Terran humans and birthplace of the Insight Corporation. It is the place where the Terran Alliance and Star Patrol were founded. Earth is an extremely diverse planet, home to a variety of climates and environments, and has created a very diverse species as a result.

Mars was the first planet that the Terran humans colonized. It is very advanced, for a planetary colony. Venus and Mercury, because of their proximity to Sol, are less populated. The orbital colonies at Jupiter and Saturn are very busy and populous. Those on Neptune and Uranus are less populous.

The lunar colony at Luna, orbiting Earth, is quite robust, covering nearly the entire moon. The colonies at Ceres (in the Asteroid Belt) and Titan (orbiting Saturn) are also very busy.

The Sol system is a hotspot for asteroid mining. There are thousands of asteroids being mined at any moment and the Terran humans have developed an advanced system of commerce to handle the surplus of natural resources this mining has provided.

Terran humans make up around 95% of the system’s population. The other 5% is comprised of Grays and other alien species. Sol is very much a welcoming system and the Terran civilization is one of the most hospitable in the known galaxy. Terran humans and Grays are known to be on friendly terms; they formed the Terran Alliance together. The Por Chantarii are also on friendly terms with Terran humans and are often found in the Sol system.

Game Mechanics
OtherNav Modifier: +3
Resources Modifier: +2
Communications Modifier: +3

Sol System

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