Baal-Keth Planetary Colony

Located on the desert planet of Dyyraal, Baal-Keth is a Masskai colony and the first t0 be built to exploit the planet’s rare mining and gas resources.

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Colony Basics
Location: The Abandonment, Dyyraal

Structure and Composition
Baal-Keth is a planetary colony constructed in typical Masskai fashion. Central to this colony is a huge dig site and demolition-style mining operation. Surrounding this dig is a circular “biodome”, where the Masskai live and work.

The central dig site contains some automated harvesters, but the Masskai mostly use robots and biological workers to mine. Within the protected areas, there are the usual habitation quarters, shops, administrative offices, and, of course, a gladiatorial arena.

Since Baal-Keth is a Masskai facility, their species makes up 95% of the colony’s populace. There is very small representation of other species, including humans.

Baal-Keth Planetary Colony

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