Epsilon Aurigae System

This star system, in the far-flung reaches of known space, features two planets of interest to anyone. The first is Dyyraal, a desert planet of no consequence until rare mineral and gas resources were discovered there five years ago. The second, Epsilon Aurigae Minor, has an orbital station.

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System Basics
Sector: Masskai Empire
Distance from Earth: 2,000ly
Stars: 2; Eps. Aur. A, Eps. Aur. B
Planets: 4; Eps. Aur. Major, Eps. Aur. Minor, Dyyraal, Auviraal
Natural Satellites and Minor Planets/Asteroids: 17,809

Structure and Composition
Epsilon Aurigae is located firmly within the sector known as the Masskai Empire. Though the system is within their dominion, neither the Masskai nor anyone else paid much attention to the place until recently.

The system is composed of two stars: Epsilon Aurigae A, which is a F0 Main Sequence “bright giant” star, bright white in color, and Epsilon Aurigae B, which is a K3 Main Sequence “subgiant” star, orange in color. The four planets in the Eps. Aurigae system orbit A. which is much more massive than B. The planetary bodies exist in two regions: Near Space and the Outer Rim.

Near Space consists of Epsilon Aurigae Major, a large, rocky planet, and Epsilon Aurigae Minor, a smaller, dense, rocky planet. Both of these planets are extremely hot and are not suitable for life. Neither of these planets has a moon. Eps. Aur. Minor has an orbital station, which performs scientific studies and serves as a waystation for travelers into the system. At the edge of Near Space is a long spiral formation of asteroids, possibly the result of an ancient planet’s destruction.

The Outer Rim consists of the planets Dyyraal and Auviraal. Dyyraal is a desert planet and is habitable in protective gear. There are planetary colonies on Dyyraal. The gas giant, Auviraal, is a medium-sized planet. Dyyraal does not have a moon, but Auviraal has a single satellite.

The most interesting places in the Epsilon Aurigae system are the colonies on Dyyraal. Since the discovery of rare mineral and gas resources on the desert planet, the Masskai Empire, the Terran Alliance, and several corporations have established colonies intended to exploit these resources. Because Dyyraal has an unusual orbit, there is only a period of two more years in which the planet will be viable for mining operations; after this period, the planet will be too close to Eps. Aur. A and the temperatures will be unbearable, even for machines.

Prior to five years ago, the Epsilon Aurigae system was uninhabited. After prospectors discovered rare mineral and gas resources on the planet Dyyraal, interstellar corporations and governments have flocked to the system, hoping to exploit these resources in a very short period of time.

Due to the proximity of the Masskai Empire – the system is considered within the hegemony of the Masskai – the system is about 50% Masskai. A good number of humans, Cygnans, and Grays have also entered the system, either as part of the Terran Alliance or corporate efforts.

Game Mechanics
OtherNav Modifier: -1
Resources Modifier: -1
Communications Modifier: -2

Epsilon Aurigae System

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