Epsilon Lyrae System

This star system is home to the powerful Maikarus Corporation, a major supporter and contractor to both the Terran Alliance and Star Patrol. The system has two inhabited planets, three colonized planets, and several orbital and asteroid mining colonies.

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System Basics
Sector: Mid-Space
Distance from Earth: 165ly
Stars: 4; Eps. Lyr. A, Eps. Lyr. B, Eps. Lyr. C, Eps. Lyr. D
Planets: 7; Akurae, Eps. Lyr. 1, Eps. Lyr. 2, Eps. Lyr. 3, Eps. Lyr. 4, Eps. Lyr. 5, Eps. Lyr. 6
Natural Satellites and Minor Planets/Asteroids: 9,089

Structure and Composition
Epsilon Lyrae is a double-double star system. It features four stars, each of which has planets in gravitational rotation. The brightest star is Epsilon Lyra B, which is a spectral type A4, with a magnitude of 6.02. Its twin star is Epsilon Lyra A, which is a spectral type A2 and has a magnitude of 5.02. The other pair of stars are Epsilon Lyra C and D, spectral types A3 and A5, respectively, with magnitudes of 5.14 and 5.37, respectively. The planets in Epsilon Lyrae rotate around the A and B pair of stars, but C and D also influence planetary rotations. Thus, the planets in this system have very unusual rotational periods (which translate into unusual local calendars, as well).

The Epsilon Lyrae system is composed of three distinct regions. The region closest to the two largest stars, Eps. Lyr. A and B, is known as the Maikarus Region. The planets located here are Akurae, home to the Maikarus Corporation, Eps. Lyr. 1, Eps. Lyr. 2, and Eps. Lyr. 3. Forming a border between the Maikarus Region and the next, the Asteroid Region, is the Guinois Belt, a band of more than 3,000 asteroids. The Asteroid Region features two major planets, Eps. Lyr. 4 and Eps. Lyr. 5, as well as another belt, the Shinoi Belt, which features another 2,000 asteroids. The final area, the Far Region, features just one planet, Eps. Lyr. 6 and a few non-planetary objects.

Because of the unusual nature of the star system, only a few planets can natively support life. Eps. Lyr. 3, located in the Maikarus Region, is an inhabited world with full environmental support for humans. Its climate is very similar to Earth and other human origin worlds. Eps. Lyr. 4, located in the Asteroid Region, is similarly inhabited, though it is distinctly colder than Eps. Lyr. 3. Humans have colonized three other planets: Akurae, home to the Maikarus Corporation, features 4 habitation colonies and 9 industrial colonies; Eps. Lyr. 2 features 2 habitation colonies and 3 mining colonies; Eps. Lyr. 5 features 6 industrial colonies and 9 mining colonies. In addition to these colonies, there are 9 mining colonies on various asteroids in both the Guinois Belt and the Shinoi Belt, and an orbital colony above Eps. Lyr. 6.

The planets of Epsilon Lyrae have very short rotations as compared to many planets throughout the galaxy. For example, Earth has a daily rotation of 24 hours and a solar rotation of 365 days, whereas Eps. Lyr. 3 has a daily rotation of 8 hours and a solar rotation of just 68 days. Humans and other inhabitants of the Epsilon Lyrae system have had to adapt their calendars to match the planetary rotations of this system. For this reason, most people living here use whatever calendar they brought with them from their home system. Some, however, have adapted to the much shorter planetary rotations of this system. This can cause some confusion when dealing with outsiders and travelers new to the system.

The main inhabitant of the Epsilon Lyrae system is the Maikarus Corporation. It is they, along with the Terran Alliance, who colonized and brought inhabitants to the system. Maikarus moved their headquarters to Akurae and installed many industrial and mining colonies in the system. Outside of Maikarus employees and contractors, there are other colonies, but their numbers pale in comparison to those of Maikarus. Humans, specifically Terran Humans, make up 80-85% of the system’s inhabitants, with Cygnan Humans running a distant second.

Game Mechanics
OtherNav Modifier: 0
Resources Modifier: 0
Communications Modifier: +1

The special convention event, “Bug Hunt”, takes place at the Maikarus Corp’s mining colony at Astrenos, a major asteroid in the Guinois Belt.

Epsilon Lyrae System

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