Masskai Empire

The Masskai Empire is an organization comprising the political and military dominion of the Masskai civilization, based in the Masskai Empire Sector.

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Masskai Empire Sector

Classification: Political and Military Organization
Head: Polaath Kolaan Ana’as, Her Highest Elevation
Administration: This is a hierarchical organization, with various levels of political and military groups. In most cases, the Masskai Empire mixes political and military offices and roles.
Region of Control: The Masskai Empire sector
Members: Theoretically, the Masskai Empire claims all Masskai existing in Masskaon and the Masskai Empire sector. It would also include anyone else living in this sector.

Emperor or Empress is the head of state. The Masskai call this Polaath in their own language (it does not have a gender differentiation). The Polaath is not an inherited position, but one earned through grueling competition. A group known as the Peerage (known as Brashaddakai in the Masskai language) advises the Polaath. This Brashaddakai is a group of renowned champions in various competitions, such as warfare and gladiator combat.

Each planet has a Sarkk, which is like a governor. Interestingly, there are Sarkks for planets that the Masskai do not yet control (perhaps reserved for planets they plan to conquer soon). Under each Sarkk is a number of Warlords, known as Grossh-Te (male) or Groash-Taya (female). All of these positions are earned through meritorious victories in combat or other competition.

In all roles, all the way up to the Polaath, it is required that Masskai have served in the military. This is part of the Masskai culture, where military service is required. Those Masskai serving as part of the political organization – in any of the roles listed above – have military authority and would be considered high-ranking officers in other military organizations.

Though the Masskai Empire is over 10,000 standard years old, the current incarnation, which has been through a dynastic period, is only 150 years old. The Masskai Empire began as a political organization on the planet Masska, on the continent of Bryuur. Far before the Masskai developed space travel capabilities, the Masskai Empire conquered this planet, continent by continent, enslaving its enemies, and creating a fearsome government. Emperors ruled with iron fists and no one was safe from imperial aggression.

As the Masskai people developed the ability to travel within the Masskaon star system, they inhabited the planets Krad and Dal and created lunar colonies on Gran and Varal. On Krad and Dal, the Masskai enslaved local, primitive populations and, often, brought specimens back to Masska to fight in the local gladiatorial pits. This ended up integrating these other populations into the Masskai Empire, but these other species have never gained any sort of standing within the Empire.

Over time, the Masskai people developed the ability to travel between star systems and laid claim to neighboring Alpha Chargon and Epsilon Aurigae. The Masskai largely ignored these systems and, until recently, never made much of an attempt to colonize their worlds. Because of this, the Varpad Corporation inhabited Alpha Chargon and claims the system as their own. The Masskai Empire has tried to drive Varpad from the system, but has been unsuccessful in this regard. Epsilon Aurigae was considered a dead system, with planets too uninhabitable. This all changed when rare gas and mineral resources were discovered on the planet Dyyraal. For the past five standard years, the Masskai and others have been rapidly colonizing Dyyraal in hopes of capturing these resources.

Interests & Activities
The Masskai Empire claims political and military authority over the Masskaon, Epsilon Aurigae, and Alpha Chargon star systems. Collectively, these are known as the Masskai Empire sector. It is worth noting that Alpha Chargon is also considered part of the Corporate Sector (essentially, this system is in somewhat of a dispute between the corporations and the Masskai Empire).

Within the past 100 standard years, the Masskai Empire became interested in conquering the Sol system and enslaving Terran humans. This happened around the same time that Terran humans achieved space travel. Without the intervention of the Grays, the Masskai may very well have conquered Sol. These events led to the creation of the Terran Alliance, a group that stands against any further Masskai aggression.

It is also worth mentioning that Star Patrol has no jurisdiction within the Masskai Empire. This is likely to change, however, as Star Patrol is starting to make inroads in the Epsilon Aurigae system, where Terrans and others have started colonizing Dyyraal.

Masskai Empire

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