The Canyon Planetary Colony

The Canyon is the newest planetary colony on the desert world of Dyyraal. The Terran Alliance established this colony to exploit gas and mineral resources on Dyyraal.

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Colony Basics
Location: The Tribulation, Dyyraal

Structure and Composition
The Canyon is located in a large horseshoe canyon in an area known as the Tribulation. This is a zone replete with rough sandstorms. Because of this, and the high winds in the area, the colony has many protections against sand and wind.

The colony is composed of two major sections – the Habitation Dome and the Industrial Dome. Unlike the other colonies on Dyyraal, the Canyon provides environmental protections for both the living spaces and the work spaces. Most of the actual gas and mineral mining takes place underground, where conditions are much more conducive to performing labor.

Being the newest colony on Dyyraal, the Canyon is still under construction in some places. The colony is chronically short on materials and labor and has made agreements with the corporate colony at High Crest for some assistance.

The Habitation Dome is the larger of the colony’s two sections. It has room for thousands of workers, administrators, and visitors and includes living quarters, a mall, agricultural facilities, a hotel, a casino, and hangars. The Industrial Dome is smaller, since most gas and mineral production happens underground.

The Terran Alliance tends to deploy robots to do most of the dangerous extraction work underground. Humans and other workers operate as administrators and overseers. The Canyon has a small cadre of soldiers to guard the facility against pirates and other attacks. The population is about 60% Terran humans, 20% Cygnan humans, 10% Grays, and 10% other species, including Por Chantarii.

The Canyon Planetary Colony

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