High Crest Planetary Colony

High Crest is a planetary colony established on Dyyraal by the Dyyraal Compact. The colony competes with Dyyraal’s other planetary colonies, the Canyon and Baal-Keth.

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Colony Basics
Location: The Delta, Dyyraal

Structure and Composition
The High Crest colony is a combination biodome and industrial complex. It is built atop the Mount Duratt ridge in the zone known as the Delta. This is mostly an area of dry riverbeds, which run into what may once been an ocean. Mount Duratt runs along the southern edge of this zone and abuts the dry ocean.

High Crest is composed of three sections – the Biodome, the Mining Complex, and the Spaceport. The Biodome is the habitation and agricultural section. It is the smallest of the three sections. The Mining Complex is where massive gas and ore harvesting machines are found. The Spaceport is the only such site on all of Dyyraal; travelers not aligned with one of the corporate members of the Dyyraal Compact must pay a fee to use it.

The Biodome and Mining Complex sections are further subdivided into Fallenci, Gunoi, and Varpad sections. For the most part, each corporation keeps to itself, though they do come together for important decisions regarding the colony.

The Biodome section features the corporate administrative offices, the residential quarters, shops, guard barracks, a hotel, a small casino, and growing fields for algae and vegetables.

The Mining Complex is a combination of gas and ore harvesting. Large, complex harvesters are situated all over the mountainside and along the ridge. Hundreds of worker and robots maintain and run these harvesters.

The Spaceport is the only facility of its kind on Dyyraal. This is a full-fledged spaceport facility and can accommodate up to 8 large starships, 16 medium starships, and 24 small starships. It also has room for many personal ships and environmental craft. The Spaceport also has rental storage facilities and standard refueling facilities.

The Dyyraal Compact runs the High Crest colony. The Compact is comprised of the Fallenci, Gunoi, and Varpad corporations. They run the High Crest colony like a business. Everything operates according to corporate standards and with a profit motive. The majority of its inhabitants and workers are Terran humans, but there is also a smattering of other species – mostly Cygnans, Grays, and Por Chantarii.

High Crest Planetary Colony

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